a little bit about me

    Howdy guys!!! I’m a born Texan, a Texas A&M graduate, and currently working as an abstract artist.  Over the years I have lived in Houston, TX in the heights area.  I absolutely love it!!! I couldn’t feel more blessed to be able to create art in my home everyday (whilst spending time with my two amazing dogs Mishka and Harvey Mitchel).  When I’m not covered in paint or walking my pups, I’m with my amazing friends or family.  I love fishing, playing poker or playstation, watching ID (identity discovery) or basically checking out anything/place/event that are new, exciting, or just weird.  I do love creating art (of all kinds).  I love experimenting with different textures, concepts and mediums.  I also dabble in repainting/refinishing all types furniture.  Please feel free to contact me for any questions or commissions!