48.00"x48.00" acrylic on canvas


Description of Moonlight on the water

48×48 acrylic and pumice gel, on two separate canvases. Edges are 1.5 inches and painted in congruence with the image. Signed, dated and titled on the back.

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I love this one and the ring from “27 Shades of Gray”. All of your art is looking great. It’s all truly amazing. It’s wonderful to see all of this and I’m very proud of your work. I used to have a little 4”-6”(ish) painting from you and it was awesome. I knew then that you had awesome talent. I wish I knew where that little painting went, I really liked it a lot. So seeing all of these paintings makes me super happy for you. Great job on this venture and keep up the amazing work. -Kelty

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